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The MP5000 is the ideal telecommunications solution for growing organizations with remote sites and road warriors, and with heavy intra-organizational calling and conferencing requirements. Itís easily administered from a single point and supports a broad spectrum of hard and soft endpoint mixes and advanced call handling applications. Add remote sites and users quickly and easily. Deploy advanced next-generation SIP and IP functionality, from peer-to-peer video calling to unified messaging, where it makes sense; preserve your existing telecommunications infrastructure where it doesnít.

Proven Business Phone System Solution

The MP5000 delivers economical, scalable, enhanced communications and lightning-fast ROI. Whether your organization is growing in a single large campus environment or by launching multiple offices throughout a region or a continent, continued growth will depend increasingly on efficient, economical communication across your entire enterprise. The MP5000 has established its value in a broad spectrum of business environments that depend heavily on both voice and data communications. Examples include law firms, real estate offices, marketing and advertising companies, auto dealerships, service businesses, government agencies and many more. The MP5000 makes sound business sense because it delivers easily administered, economical VoIP telephony and advanced voice applications and also supports existing telecommunications infrastructure including any mix of analog, digital and IP.


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